6th Form Department

Introduction from the Head of Department

Completion of Sixth Form study is a pre-requisite for entry into most universities anywhere in the world. It is effectively a pre university course and within it A-Levels are globally recognised as the �gold standard� by which academic ability is measured.

To complement the A-level curriculum at Isamilo we have also adopted the successful CAS program, a key part of the IB curriculum. CAS or Creative Active Service encourages students to develop skills outside the academic classroom environment. Whilst academic performance is one measure of a successful student, equal emphasis must be placed on the many other benefits 6th Form life has to offer, including those all important �life skills� vital in equipping students for life after school. Here at Isamilo International we feel that this is critical and have worked hard to ensure that our 6th Form allows students to mature academically, personally and socially through a programme which encourages and promotes leadership skills; nurtures an aptitude for independent study and research; and (with considered guidance and support offered by experienced, caring staff) allows personal growth and development.

Sixth Form life should bridge the gap between school and university. More independent learning is encouraged, more choices are offered and more freedom given, but at the same time expectations are significantly higher. Students are given space to study more freely, however they are constantly managed, monitored and supported. It is our job to ensure that the safety nets are in place to ensure that they are guided into this new stage of maturity. Life skills such as prioritising, time management, research, note-taking etc are all taught explicitly in preparation for university and to support their A Level education.

In terms of academic standards, Isamilo International School has over 50 years of experience behind it and though our 6th form may be only entering its 3rd year, we are striving to ensure a continuing history of academic excellence. With experienced and highly skilled teachers, plus excellent facilities and a great deal of enthusiasm, we certainly expect to attain that ‘gold standard’!

For more information on the new 6th Form see our 6th Form leaflet.

Head of 6th Form

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